Trouche’s paper

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Topic: Analytical Frameworks

Well, I went and looked for Trouche’s paper and found it – unfortunately it is in French! My high school french couldn’t really do justice to the paper, but got Google to help me translate some stuff. I don’t think there was anything too different what I got from Artigue’s paper, except got all 5 of the profiles and how he categorised these students.

He did mention that these profiles are for the extreme cases of the students, and it is not likely you can peg students with one profile.

However, he was using the TI-82 and TI-92 calculators (one for symbolic representation and the other for graphical presentation) and he seemed more to deal with how students interact with the software such as the zooming function and the commands and switching between windows etc. i.e. things that were specific to these calculators rather than looking how students use technology to learn, I was hoping for something more like the exploration of numbers etc., but he tended to look at the time they used the calculator for a task and also when they did collaborative work with a partner or use pen and paper. Can’t remember he mentioning much about the pen/paper (then again my french – il est terrible!) So, probably skipped it over somewhere.

Anyway, so don’t think I’ll be using those strategies.

I’ve tried to find the one by Goos et al, unfortunately we don’t subscribe to that journal (Mathematics Education Research Journal its published in Australia)- so means I’ve got to order it – but will only order it if I think it is necessary, the information provided by Galbraith seems sufficient.

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