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So, Hossein Z. just came into my office and showed me my probation report and asked me if I sent it to him, and I said probably Anne F. did, and then he asked me do I know why she would have sent that to him .. and I looked a bit confused and said “Didn’t James asked you to be a critical reader?” … and then he said oh yes but that was such a long time ago.

So, then he asked me if there was anything I wanted him to look at in particular (and then my mind went blank – I was like a deer caught in the headlights – I had no clue!) – so then, told him perhaps my methodology (because I thought that seem reasonable and it was my weakest chapter)… and then he asks me what in my methodology (well he got me there!) – so I said my tasks for linear programming (and I think he was going to say that no one does linear programming but then he taught better of saying that :P) … and asked me what kind of students it was suppose to be and I said university students and he wanted to know if it was at the OU and I said no it could be students at universities and told me about a LP component he was writing for the business school and asked him if that was BM240 and told him about BM240 … and I also told him about the tasks I need to create which I have no idea about as yet (its a bit difficult to explain something where I don’t even know what his frame of reference is i.e. where I should begin) – he looked a bit confused and ask me if it was for data collection and I said yes – I guess my interpretation of methodology was methods 😀 and his was more theoretical (big problem already!).

Anyway, there goes my first impression to my critical reader – not a very good one … 😀 … hope he doesn’t hold it against me. But Rebecca said the least CREET could have done was send a covering letter indicating what it was and what was expected from them. Well … I thought that would have been standard operating procedure because how do they know how to be a critical reader

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