Good and Bad Things with my survey

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Topic: Data Collection

Well … I finally got approval for my survey from the SRPP … however it was with the condition that I ensure that the courses I want to survey do not want to survey their own courses later in the year and I’ll obstruct that process. Whilst some course teams were delighted with what I’m doing and wanted to know my results others were not – and have not given me permission since they’ve taken it upon themselves to decide whether the questionnaire is appropriate or not for their students – so, I’m stuck there.

Actually one of the course team (I’m gonna call it one of the good ones) invited me over for a chat – and we discussed a lot of stuff of mathematics and computing and they were telling me of some course surveys they did about the use of computers in their course and they even gave me the results. It was great. One guy was really enthusiastic … he gave me references and books as well. It was great knowing that people were interesting in my research.

Unfortunately on the the course team (one of the bad ones) – couldn’t see the sense of sending the questionnaire to their students … that got me thoroughly frustrated! That was on Thursday …

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