Got accepted for the ICTM conference

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So, on Friday afternoon the ICTM panel finally wrote me back and said that my abstract has been accepted and that I could present. Good! So, discussed it with Doug and John at our last meeting on Monday and they’ve both agreed to my going, so just got to go through CALRG and get approval etc. And then my next task must be to learn Turkish :).

I also have to write a paper which cannot be more than 5 pages and submit it by the 1st April. Well, have starting to write the paper so far, but just my introduction and research design is about 2 1/2 pages … so got to fit discussion, conclusions and references in the next two pages – so, got to see how that goes. Might have to shorten some things I imagine, but the writing of it is not going too bad but feeling brain dead at the moment.

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  1. Wednesday, 15 March 2006 – 4:15 PM GMT

    Name: Gill

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    Well done. That will be exciting and fun, and you get to see a bit of Turkey. It will also be good experience and enable you to tick of another of those little skills development boxes.

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