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I met up with James the week before Friday (10th Feb) and was supposed to write up some of the stuff he told me here or either in meeting notes and I didn’t get around to it – and I felt bad I hadn’t done it … I’ve fallen and hopefully I don’t continue to fall with this procrastination attitude – and I feel a bit dejected about that – and also was suppose to do some of my literature work – and haven’t gotten around to it as yet – and that is making me more dejected!

Anyway, onto my meeting with James, we had a pretty long talk for about 1 hr and a half – and it did make me feel good whilst I was talking to him. He told me about the upcoming BSRLM conference in Warwick and asked me to have a look at it (I did – but didn’t see anything that was really that interesting). Anyway, he said to look around at other conferences that might focus on engineering or business education.

He told me it might be good to check out the work of Paul Brna who was at Leeds (just checked he is now in Glasgow) and who did work on computer-based learning (as it was known then – I think) – and suggested I look at a good review paper of his work perhaps (through citations).

James also suggested making some contacts with people in PLAC, FELS, Maths particularly CME and KMI. I was supposed to go to a seminar on maths at the KMI podium but didn’t attend because it clashed with my induction day and couldn’t find the KMI podium when I did decide to slip out and go.

James thought it might be a good idea to interview some of the associate lecturers that were associated with the M373 and BM240 classes to see what the classic difficulties of LP were in particular with the use of the software. He suggested I started with the course chair who might refer me to the staff tutors and they will refer me to the associate lecturers. The staff tutors (if the course is large!) are the people who recruit the associate lecturers and I won’t have any problem with the SRPP if I want to talk to them – at least that’s what James said.

He also thought that the MSc dissertation – there could be a possible journal paper in that – and I should try and convince John to help me write it. I will need to have more reference to the literature and be clear about it and also recent literature.

James thought it was also useful that I interview the students when they did their project in March – however, I thought they were doing a project using linear programming only – as it turns out it could be any operations research technique! Anyway, I’ve 4 interviews lined up for mid-march to see what the students did – and hopefully at least on of them did linear programming.

Updated: Monday, 20 February 2006 10:45 AM GMT

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  1. Thursday, 23 February 2006 – 3:27 PM GMT

    Name: Gill

    I know what you mean. I always feel that I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like before I trundle off to meet and although nobody ever seems disappointed, I always feel a bit ineffective. Maybe we’re being unrealistic in our expectations of ourselves at this point?

    Last supervision I brought up the subject of timescales because unlike the MSc, I feel a bit directionless at the mo. I know that there are these big things that are due, but I felt I needed some smaller goals (equivalent to TMAs I suppose). So, I’ve decided to have my Birdwatching Pilot all written up by a week before the next supervision to give A, E and P time to read it, and I’ve also agreed (must be mad) to have a first draft of the big literature review done before the supervision after that (I think this is about end March). I know that I work much better with specific dates to aim for, and I get much faster and more effective the close the date comes.

    Maybe that might work for you? You’ve already got a lit review outline. Could you agree a date with J and D and stick to it? It would feel horrible, but it might focus your mind 🙂

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