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so, I’m forced to make a post into this blog since, my reminder keeps popping up to say go make a post … and I can’t very well make it go away unless I do it.

Anyway, today I started my telephone interviews of the students … well, so far I’ve only done one … got one definitely booked tomorrow at 1:15 and another this afternoon after 6 … so, that will be three definite interviews. I have a feeling that might be all that I might get – since I keep calling the other people’s phone and it keeps ringing out or switched off – but I have to keep at it.

The reason I took so long to get on with these interviews was because I couldn’t get a hold of the telephone recording equipment – but today when I called up Sarah it turns out there were cassette recording systems but they were trying to get me the digital systems, that is why they didn’t reply my request (well at least I think so!) – but I’ve taken the cassette recording ones – I don’t mind – I can always translate it into digital output … if there is an audio output in the player which I could then feed into the computer – bit long – but will prefer to have it in digital format.

The one girl I’ve spoken to so far, says she can hardly remember what she did – but I thought she remembered pretty well. She hadn’t done any of the problems etc – as I suspected. I expect people won’t attempt these until their mini-project comes around which is due in mid-march. But I’ve been able to extol a promise from this interviewee that I can interview her again at the end of March to see how she got on with her project. Hopefully, will find out something more then. Because as of now, she has not attempted any problems, did any graphical problems or looked at Excel Solver – so couldn’t get much out of it. They’ll definitely have to do that for the mini-project … so, I think I might get more rich data then.

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