Conceptual and Procedural knowledge

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Topic: Analytical Frameworks
Well, doug and James suggested I go back and decide what kind of LP problems I can formulate to measure conceptual and procedural knowledge … and the problem is … I don’t know how!! First of all I don’t understand what procedural (ok I know that one) but I don’t know what conceptual knowledge is in relationship to LP!!! The literature often talks about connecting different pieces of knowledge (and this usually means different types of representation of materials such as in graphs, algebra, matrices etc) … but I don’t want to get into that domain, that is not what I want to measure, I want to know if my BB, WB and GB helps in anyway to conceptual knowledge without the added variable of multiple representations.

As far as I can see, it can only add procedural knowledge and in some conditions probably zero procedural knowledge, probably if I found one that added conceptual knowledge one can acknowledge there is a link between procedural and conceptual knowledge? Which I highly doubt there is.

I’m beginning to doubt myself at the moment (I remember that was one of the stages in the PhD) whether I have a PhD researchable topic! Oh well, let’s see what this week brings.

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