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Topic: Methodology

So, went to Cranfield on Monday and did the observation exercise – I’m not quite sure what is it so new that I learn or whether that helps me to formulate the research question any better … I’m really not sure f my future observation exercises might be pointless. Anyway, I’m supposed to do some interviews with some students later this week over telephone – so hoping I can find something that is better there.

Now let me see what I thought was unique or different about this observation … well, there was:
1) A lot of concentration on the formulation of problems (so guessing this is a soft-applied context) and the first instance when the formulation problem was given, this was definitely not a mechanical problem – but more a constructive or perhaps interpretive problem – students had to figure out how to solve the problem. However, in fact this was not a formulation problem when one thinks about it, in fact it was a mixture of a formulation and solution problem, because students had to think about what constraints could affect the answer – and guess an answer in the end.

Now, looking back and reading the quotes I’ve written it is getting a lot more interesting – probably I didn’t think through all I could do with this data.

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