Observation Study on the 6th

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Topic: Methodology

I’ve set up an observation study of linear programming at Cranfield university (I think the guy over there might be a bit unwilling – but got the appointment so nevertheless – I thought I might be coming over as pushy – but Gill says for our PhDs we should be persistent).

Anyway, from the case studies workshop I attended was thinking I should take out some pictures – but wonder what are the ethical and legal considerations of that? Do I need to get the people to sign a photo release? Or the university’s permission? I’m not even quite sure if I could just go and observe the students with the lecturer’s say so without getting the university’s permission!!

This is getting quite complicated … but … anyway, I’m doing it … if it becomes a complication, probably can just say sorry 🙂 and take my data and leave? Anyway, will have to write to the guy and ask … will do it on Monday. Or maybe I should do it now? I don’t know if that will be too pushy? But Gill said to be persistent …. hmmm … bit ambivalent.

Well, I just created the email, all I need to do now is to send it but I wanted to tell him that I will like to talk to him about 10-15 mins before or after the class but I should at least tell him on what – but I have no idea what the what is as yet!!!

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