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Well, I have to create a poster for the Research Day coming up on the 29th and I have no clue what to produce. Never mind that I’m suppose to be sending a draft of it to my supervisors tomorrow :). So, I’m going to be brainstorming in this little section right now (an also fulfilling my requirements of updating my blog :D).

So, according to Doug I should have about 12 or 13 slides. Right, so Slide 1 is going to be easy. Slide 1: The Benefits of Mathematical Intermediate Steps in Education Software by Anesa Hosein IET/CSET/CALRG. Supervisors: James, Doug and John.

Right Slide 1 is finished.

Onto Slide 2: I think something about linear programming – but I note that my title has absolutely nothing on linear programming … so big problem :). Ok, so something with a title like Which Maths? and then answer “Linear Programming” and then put a little information what is linear programming (copy it from U500 presentation :D).

Alright Slide 3: Previous Research in Linear Programming (quote our research here), so which part of the research? Three major sub-areas in linear programming: Formulation of the problem, Solution of the problem and Interpretation of the sensitivity analysis. (Not liking how this slide is shaping up! – hmm I think the problem is with the title – change that and you can change these slides)

(Hmm slight idea: if able draw a diagram of a black-box/ calculator/ computer with the problem one side going into the computer/software with the answer coming out on the other side. And a next diagram with problem going into the computer and solution coming out with the steps – probably could use something easy like algebra – so everyone can understand).

Going to post this and do it from scratch in powerpoint 🙂 and see what I churn out.

Updated: Monday, 23 January 2006 2:12 PM GMT

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