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Well .. I started the poster in powerpoint .. did the little graphics I said I was doing and then started writing stuff about linear programming … but it began to sound like a powerpoint presentation rather than having a feel of a poster.

So, although my little diagrams are looking cute have no idea why they are there. So, went looking up on the internet and found this site that seems to give some good tips on research posters. Well, the first thing they said is to get an idea and stick to it!!

Now, that is where the problem lies .. I have no idea what my poster is about it .. except it must have bits of the masters and bit of what I hope to do for the PhD.

I did create a cool name for the poster (well cool for me). I’ve decided to call it “Learning with Software: White-Box or Black-Box?” and as a subtitle “A research into the benefits of learning linear programming with software”.

So, now I’m thinking what the idea of my research is. So, the site says I must have a succinct message.Rebecca said that her supervisors said to use the Research Day as an opportunity to solicit ideas and feedback from the persons there. I think the succinct message is then Help Me! Share some ideas! Give me Feedback! on my research. Not sure if that works as the idea.

So, my succinct message is that learning linear programming can’t be taught with either black-box or white-box software, but which is better for learning?

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