PhD Skills

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Topic: PhD Skills

Well had my meeting with Doug yesterday on mostly the PhD skills. James couldn’t make it since he had a problem with his eyes, and John didn’t turn up.

The PhD skills are a bit tedious to go through, but Doug and I did well to plough through the first three sets and decided what I should prepare and how to identify what I can do to accomplish these skills.

In some sense, I’m not sure what the use of it is but I guess they want to ensure everyone’s PhD is standardized and the students come out as a functioning ‘person’ when they graduate rather than being stuck only as a researcher.

In some sense, it was good since there were some stuff I hadn’t considered such as a publication plan and a publication agreement. I think my publication agreement is just going to be everybody names are included unless they want to opt out :).

For some reason they want to ensure that we know about how projects are funding and how funding is acquired. I can’t see the use of it right now, but reckon if I want to go teach and research in a higher education institution it might be useful to know. Perhaps even if I want to do third world development that will be a plus since most of the projects for third world usually have to bid funds from IDB, IMF or one of the UN organisations such as UNDP or UNESCO. So, that might be useful.

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