Keeping this research blog up-to-date

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Topic: PhD Skills

I’ve decided to ensure that I at least place one entry in this blog a week – so, going to make it every Wednesday. This is to fulfill one of the PhD skills which requires that I keep a research journal/ blog and keep an updated personal-research page … so, got to do that. The blog is easier though 🙂 … but will have to update my personal-research page since it is looking a bit bland.

Updated (Tue, 26th February, 2008 at 2:40 pm) : I noticed people are coming here for deciding how to keep a research journal, they’ve inspired me and I’ve made a post of on Keeping a Research Journal at my Research Tips blog which I just started.


  1. Wednesday, 9 November 2005 – 1:01 PM GMT

    Name: Rebecca

    Hi Anesa, I’m in. Looks as if you’re one whole slide of your poster further on than I am.

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