BSRLM Conference in Lancaster

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Well, there is a BSRLM Conference coming up on the 19th November and James suggested I attended it. The abstracts and the programme have now been uploaded to the Internet. I am not quite sure how useful it will upon looking at the abstracts although it will help me to network (one of the requirements of the PhD Skills!) – there are a few abstracts that look somewhat interesting not sure if it is quite up my alley. But saying that, I won’t mind going up to Lancaster!!

Just wondering if it is worth it … probably should just go and see what kind of work and presentations people are doing so I can broaden my scope when I come to think about my methods and research questions. Besides the conference charge is quite cheap (25 pounds before the day or 30 on the day). The train ticket might cost most of the money and I might have to spend overnight. Anyways, I’m meeting with James today, will carry the programme and abstracts when I meet him and see what he thinks.

Come to think of it, not really sure if I’m meeting James, but hopefully I will, since wanted to wait on his input before I sent off the meeting notes (with Doug).

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