Well some ideas for my Ph.D

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Topic: Methodology

Well, I was discussing some things with Shannon yesterday about my research for my Ph.D in linear programming … and I was telling her that it might be useful for me to use an eye-tracking device to check and see when students use the software whether they just check the answer and run over briefly the iterations.

Then she said something curiously, she said perhaps they may first watched the answer and then check and see how it was done – which will be interesting to know – since that might be showing some kind of learning process … probably could check if it kind of promotes a trial and error behaviour.

She was also telling me that in the music department that some guy called Clayton was using some software to check and see how musicians check their music sheets and their body movement – it might be interesting to check out him and the software to see how it works to keep track of body movement – not sure if that might be needed – but you may never know.

Anyway, went to Jonathan’s presentation today on “‘What are learners saying, doing, writing and seeing?’: A digital approach to analysing video data of student interactions with computers”. It was interesting his methods and I might consider using some of them. He had tablets to check what people were writing down, as well as the eye tracking device as well as videoing their interactions with the computer.

I particularly like the eye tracking device thing since you can see the length and the intensity that people are looking at things. Like the tablet too, so people can write and see what they can do. Not sure how I can compare disciplines with this kind of technology as yet – but I can compare the use of the software by students.

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