Literature Review was terrible!

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Topic: Literature Review

Well … I did a terrible literature review – Amalia and Ritchie came on the same day I was submitting – as well as I was concentrating on my U500 presentation – and hence a horrible literature review – it was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent it to James – and the comments were horrible … well, he didn’t write it horrible – but I interpret it as horrible – he was being kind – and we are meeting tomorrow to discuss it – I am not sure what to do – I am not certain how to fix it – I’ve got to read it back – but I’m dreading to do it – because I know I’m going to cringe – but I have to – in order to fix it. So, I’ve got to build courage.

I’m not even certain what my arguments were in my literature review – I’ve got to face my fears and read it back

Updated: Wednesday, 25 May 2005 2:14 PM BST

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