ASI questionnaire

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Topic: Questionnaire

So, I wrote the email to the people asking about sending out the questionnaires. So, far gotten replies from 4 persons (well technically 3). One of them is away – so got an automated reply … as for the other three – they’ve already finished teaching. One indicated that may the case for most UK universities i.e. finished in March (not sure what I’m going to do in that case – I can try the US, New Zealand and Australia people!). Well, most of them said they will be willing to do it during their next teaching term – so got to keep them in mind.

Anyway – if one person actually wrote and said they were willing to do it – it would have lifted my mood better – but got a compliment from one of the persons who wrote they said

“…it was a rare change to be filling in a questionnaire where the compiler knew something about both teaching and LP.”

So, that made me feel a bit better! Anyway, going home now!

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