ASI questionnaire for British lecturers

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Well, on a good note I’ve sent out the LP and ATI questionnaires to people in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, could not rack up too much people for New Zealand (up to 32) since there have been limited universities – I think I have guessed what most of those people will be teaching. The US one I sent to about a hundred people – not sure how well that has been responded considering that for most of the people I weren’t certain if they were indeed teaching LP, since I made an educated guess based on their specialization topics.

Some people have written back from Australia and New Zealand indicating that they no longer teacher LP – but so far none from the US – although I sent that out before those two. That reminds – got to update my excel sheet to indicate who has not replied.

Well, just did that – and it is making me feel a little better – that I’ve got a little piece of my work out of the way – got to break up my work into tasks – because otherwise it will seem way to overwhelming!

Anyway, I have to create the email for the ASI to send out to persons requesting them to share out the ASI to their students – I think I am going to do that now – so will feel as if I’ve accomplished something for today – because feeling really depressed that I’ve not been giving my 100 % to my work and feel as if I’m lacking to get things done.

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