Questionnaire has been sent!!!

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Topic: Questionnaire

Well my questionnaire is finally off …. its on the web – its live and it has been emailed to the participants. I’ve been getting some enquiries – one guy asked me what was my Ph.D research on and how I got his name. So had to explain, I got it off the net since to my knowledge there was not a list of LP lecturers in the UK. I think he probably thought there was a big conspiracy theory – or maybe didn’t realise how easy it was to get information off the net.

Well this other guy wrote to me said he did not know what to do, since he taught two courses and wonder if he should amalgamate them in his mind and then answer the questions. Well, I told him to choose one course and answer it accordingly … at least that was the instructions on the questionnaire. But that had been one of my problems with the questionnaire. I had wanted to send it for each course – but wasn’t certain how that could be operationalised – and Doug had suggested that I should tell them to choose one of the courses – and I had agreed at the time since I didn’t have a better solution. But I’m wondering how badly will that have skewed my data … especially if they are teaching for two or three different types of students … so thank goodness this is just a feasibility study – hate to think this was my Ph.D research because I already see a big hole in the validity of the results. Oh well, one more thing to talk about in my discussion 😀 and it may have influenced my results.

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