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Topic: Literature Review

So, got to do my literature review – and have no clue what to write about. Got back my DTZY 840 literature review did alright in that (32/40), but that concentrated on linear programming education but now I have to do some parallel work with that of CAS – and I am not sure what to write as yet. I am trying to think of empirical work that was done and can’t really think of any – there is a lot of concept papers – so, got to find the empirical papers and write on them – just remembered – I may be able to pull them up from Endnote – but can’t remember if I went through and did all the keywords for those papers and entered them into my database.

I’ve also got to mix into the this the approaches to teaching inventory and approaches to study – I am still not sure why I have that for my study – but have to make some justification – possibly teachers different beliefs might influence the way in which they teach linear programming?? But there is a problem with the approaches to teaching as it is controversial in what I am doing as- the ATI (or was it the ASI) is usually done with regards to a programme or was it course (well something large) and I want to treat it for a particular module – I think there is only one person who has done for a particular module. I think the same principles for ATI and ASI would apply i.e. if they are used for large programme or a specific programme – so might get some flak for that. Got to find enough literature to support my view or whyI have decided to do it that way – or probably I should have developed an ATI only for linear programming so it would have been ATLPI … oh well !!

Was reading the book Authoring a PhD by Patrick Dunleavy, and he was saying that the PhD writer should avoid making up terms, acronyms etc. since examiners hate that (oh well so much for my MPhil thesis!).

Updated: Friday, 29 April 2005 2:33 PM BST

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