Questionnaire on the web!

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Topic: Questionnaire

Well … my questionnaire is finally on the web – and I have a list of 101 potential participants. I’ve not sent it out as yet … This morning Donna sent Roland and Kevin links to the questionnaire to pre-test it for me, so hoping to get their feedback soon … So, far only Kevin said he will look at it -hopefully Roland would do the same.

Donna says once they test it, she will tell me – and then we can send it out for the persons. Wow, that reminds me got to make a list of US and Australian persons also. I wish my British list was exhaustive, but when I reached 100 – I called it quits … because had exams coming up. I’m going to set a reminder to do the British and Australian lists on Outlook now – before I forget.

I have the literature review coming up after exams – so got to prepare for that as well as the exams. We’ll see how that goes.

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