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So, this morning I had a meeting with Donna and Nick … and I handed over my questionnaire to them to make into an electronic format – so that’s great since I have to do that myself. Anyway, Doug, James and I did some correction on it yesterday – not sure if it is perfect – but we’ll see as time progress. Donna says she’ll have something for me by mid next week … so, we’ll see how that goes. I have to in the meantime get a list of these British lecturers and that seems to be a daunting task since I have exams etc coming up and I have to study those also – anyway, need to send these of as soon as possible although I told Donna by the end of April … I really will prefer by the 15th or thereabouts and that is next Friday … so, got to get cracking on those email addresses.

Well, I’ve also included the ATI from John in that – I haven’t read much literature in it – but yet I am using it – so I hope I don’t find too much problem … I am not certain what to do about analysis as yet – I know I should have determined the analysis beforehand – but there just isn’t time if I expect to get this off by April … not sure how to link this with the linear programming questionnaire, well I could see if there are any correlations between some of the factors in the ATI to the focus and teaching of somethings in the linear programming questionnaire – I hope it does not come down to only descriptive statistics – I really need some inferential stuff.

I wonder if I should ask how long the person has been teaching LP – I’m just wondering if that will have some influence on what is being taught – since the old school might like to have all the details of the LP.

Anyway, I need to find the RASI … got to ask John for his latest copy – dreading doing that though – not sure how willing he is to part with that – I did find a copy of the NASI because it is included in Thang’s paper. Not sure how it is different – well I think the RASI that John uses is 52 items whilst the NASI that Thang uses is 53 items – so need to see the difference. Thang said she used some items from the original ASI and from the RASI – so will have to look at that – have not read the paper completely as yet – but it looks interesting – probably Linda has a copy of the RASI – will have to check with her.

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