Literature Review Assignment!

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Topic: Literature Review

I have a DTZY 840 assignment due tomorrow on literature review … and I haven’t started so it is making me feel tense. I still not sure what to do … you see when I re-read my initial proposal it was on software use and I was planning to do the literature review on teaching styles so then I had to go look up stuff on software and teaching. That took me awhile but I then decided to put everything into Endnote since … I don’t have a reason why – but figured I should do it since it will be easier when I was quoting … so did that for about 60 papers!

The good thing is that some of the papers I found were actually related to linear programming and software so that was good. The only way I found it was using, since google has such as better search engine than the journal databases. I felt good though that I actually found some of these papers … I realised I was using the wrong key words … I should use MS/ OR rather than just linear programming. My other problem is that these papers don’t look as if they come from referred journals … some are from OR/MS Today (which is really a magazine), Interfaces and Informs Transactions on Education. I did find a paper on survey on OR/ MS in MBAs back in 1996 in US universities – so that was great.

I did see that some of the people recommended using the spreadsheets for these courses rather than specialised software such as Lindo etc. whilst others recommended the opposite. But it was mostly the business disciplines were recommending using the spreadsheet (then again most of the literature were about MBAs!) … but Winston suggested that spreadsheets should be used by non-quantitative students such as the business and the other specialised programmes for the quantitative based students. So, I guess I can talk about that – but it has to be 2000 words!!! Don’t know what I can speak about for that length!

Anyway, let me get cracking – because if I don’t start it will never finish.

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