Coffee Meeting with James

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Just had an impromptu meeting with James. He came by to drop a paper for me, and I reminded him we were suppose to be having a coffee this week … and then has asked me if I was free right now … and I said yes … but … it was a disastrous meeting … because I had no clue what to speak about … so, pretty much we were sitting just mumbling stuff … absolutely nothing constructive.

I have to do something to redeem myself … but I don’t know what!!! But I hate thinking about redeeming myself … because I do that with Pun, and that does not get me anywhere … so probably I should forget it and move on, and do the best I can with my work – because I will just get bogged down. I have to start timetabling my work again … but I have a feeling I have a procrastination attitude again which I have to get rid off … if I expect to make this year productive! Oh I making myself feel depressed and frustrated.

Anyway, the paper seems ok … since it has linear programming in its title … and it looks to be an experiment … but its the formulation of LP problems … so at least I would learn some methodology. James also said he uses the ISI Web of Knowledge … I have to check that out in future … it might prove to be more useful than checking each database individually – at least I think it search more than the average database. He says I should check conference proceedings since they are also more up-to-date. Supposingly, they have a link to conference proceedings so need to check that out. Also, said I should check out ERIC … will have to do that.

I told James … I might feel better if I get a research question … and I believe that … so have to think about that this week … seriously!! Anyway, I’m going back to my statistics.

Updated: Monday, 17 January 2005 4:43 PM GMT

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